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Beautiful Beach with clear water

Koh Larn


Koh Larn is a small Thai island off the coast of Pattaya, in the Gulf of Thailand. It’s known for its beaches, set against a backdrop of wooded hills. In the north, Ta Waen Beach is dotted with restaurants and shops. A large, stingray-shaped building dominates Samae Beach’s north end. The beach is famed for its clear water and sunset views. Small monkeys inhabit the hills around coral-ringed Nual Beach, in the south.

Great for Snorkelling

Koh Khram

Also known as Koh Khram Yai, it is the largest of the eastern seaboard Islands of Thailand. Koh Khram is protected by the Royal Thai Navy base, which means the Island is well preserved. Certain times of the year Koh Khram is restricted from tourist visits due to the Sea Turtle mating season. There are two beaches on the Island where snorkelers can experience crystal clear waters and captivating corals. The Island water is full with marine life which often makes fishing just off the coast a very pleasurable experience.  
Beautiful Coral Reef

Koh Rin

Is another paradise uninhabited Island near Pattaya. The underwater life is what Koh Rin is really famous for with promising gorgeous coral reefs. Koh Rin is the best place nearby Pattaya to engage in coral diving. There are two main beaches with white sand and clear emerald waters. Koh Rin is one of the brightest remote Islands of Pattaya with its colourful underwater world and wild nature. 
beautiful Beaches

Koh Phai

Also known as Bamboo Island, An uninhabited Island with crystal clear sea and white sand beaches is the perk of this Island. Koh Phai Island is guarded by the Thai Royal Navy, maintaining the beauty and condition of the beautiful beaches.  The Island is a great spot for snorkeling with its shallow crystal clear waters ranging from 4 to 8 meters deep. The underwater life is full of tropical fish and coral reefs. 
Clear Shallow Water

Koh Manvichai

Is a small Island located slightly south of Koh Phai Island. The crystal clear waters that surround the Island along with its vibrant coral reefs also make Koh Manvichai an excellent snorkeling location. The sea level here is often shallow water, you can enjoy the coral and marine life simply by snorkeling on the surface. 
Meet the Macaques

Koh Ling (Monkey Island)

Or also known as Koh Ped. This Island is famous for its large population of Macaques Monkeys. The Island is home to the monkeys and provides the opportunity for visitors to feed the monkeys and photograph with them. These monkeys are used to the presence of humans who come daily to the Island. They are generally friendly and would often swim to meet visitors near boats, hoping for some food in return.

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