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Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

Welcome to a new level of scuba diving day trips in Pattaya! While chartering our catamaran we offer our guests a comfortable dive trip no matter what your diver’s level is. We provide day trips to the best local dive sites of the Pattaya area. 

Our Catamaran offers easy water entries and exits, with stairs leading you down and out of the water. 

Scuba diving price:    (Minimum age 10 years old)
1 pax
8,000 THB
2 pax
6,250 THB
3 pax
5,800 THB
More than 4 pax
4,800 THB
Underwater photos / videos made by a PADI professional:
Price for 1 pax
1,600 THB
More than 2 pax
800 THB
Experience new adventures with a PADI Instructor by your side. 

If you are new to scuba diving and just want to have a go, then TRY SCUBA is the course for you. You will have a safe, shallow, supervised dive in the sea and experience the use of scuba diving equipment. You learn all the basics of safe scuba diving under the direct supervision of one of our trained and highly experienced instructors.

Fun dives for certified divers

Explore the stunning beautiful coral reefs around Pattaya. There is an amazing Pattaya Sealife to be discovered! Variety and fascinating marine creatures and sea life in Pattaya can be found just 1 hour away from Pattaya.